Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not Such a Blast from the Past......

So today I went to school as usual but something terrible happened. Ladies, I am talking to you..... you know that feeling when you run into your ex and you are like wtf?! Well I had that happen today but instead of the ex just being a normal ex-boyfriend, it was my anti-christ of an ex. There is a long story to this but lets just say that he cheated on me and it was a very traumatic relationship. So I didn't technically talk to him though.... I saw him and than everything to avoid being seen............ yeah I am a little bit of a coward. But I'm a coward ninja!

But as I sat in my Government class..... I kept remembering all the bad things that happened in our relationship. I was getting ready to sob in my class but instead tried to get ahold of one of my friends. And btw I'm in college and I understand that time is a luxury but seriously?! I couldn't get ahold of anyone. Except for one person who I am kind of friends with...... my friend's ex-boyfriend. *Note that I do not have nor do I ever expect to have romantic feelings towards him.*

Serious FML

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