Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Update

So is there a difference between talking at someone and talking with someone? Hmmm I think there is...

Sorry I had to rant a little because that really bugs me when you need to talk to someone and they don't answer constantly. So I am just publishing a small update. I am getting used to college I think..... I still don't like it though. It is different, that is all I can say right now without whining.

Right now I am having issues with friends from my past. I guess things really are changing and I don't think I can keep up anymore. It's more like I want to hang onto the past. God I really sound like the Disney song "when she loved me" sometimes. And when I think of my friends I feel like "Somebody I Used to Know" by Gotye is my soundtrack. Is this sad? Pathetic maybe?....... Yeah it really is. I may not be strong but I am strong enough to admit that.

So I will most likely post something longer later... but today is my mother's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!!!


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