Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time to put on my big girl pants

Well it was my second day of work and guess what nothing is different except for my salary and my class. I had talked to my friend "paige" and she had read my last couple of posts. You think that it would help to have her know what I feel but honestly it doesn't. I know that my superstitions were false but in a way my theories are kinda true. Truth is we won't be the same people that we were in high school. And even if we are the same, we won't know that about each other. We are 200 miles apart for god sakes. Anyway as you can tell the one thing I miss the most is having my partner in crime (paige) with me. But that doesn't mean I still don't love my job.

So work is the one thing that has stayed pretty much constant in my life. The older kid teacher still constantly picks on me..... like the annoying older brother I really never wanted. The girl I work with is still like the sister I could tell pretty much everything to and not have to worry about it getting out. And my boss and I still make smartass comments to each other. But the weird things that have changed, is some of the other staff members attitude toward me. Like for instance this one girl that I swear she hated my guts for no reason is now nice to me........ It is kinda freaking me out. And the guys that never talked to me actually talk to me now. Maybe being out of high school really does have its perks.

And on a very sad note I lost my dog tonight. I have had her basically my entire life and she truly was my best friend. But the thing was that she was in such bad shape, it would be cruel to make her live like that. Basically she was already blind and partially deaf and she had a seizure tonight and was dying so at 11:35 8/14/12 Franny died.

R.I.P. Franny

Speaking of best friends.... I heard from basically all of them but one. They actually took the time to talk to me on the phone and calm me down but since little miss is rushing she couldn't. I mean couldn't she have excused herself to the bathroom and call and make sure I was at least ok? I would have done it for her. I don't know if I am being a little harsh on her because I'm upset and mourning or if what I am thinking is really the truth. I really hope she does actually care cause right now I cannot afford to lose anyone else that I love from my life. So hopefully we get this figured out soon.

And you will never guess what. My oldest guy friend is taking me to the park tomorrow to help get my mind off of my dog. I really need this. Hopefully it will restore the strength I need to get through this, if not........ wish me luck.

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